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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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bay area this morning. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us when we will warm up in the forecast. my mouth is still cold! >> we have coffee over there. we will fix you up. >> thanks for joining us. >> i am christian. -- kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. meteorologist mike nicco is here along with leyla gulen. >> it is 17 degrees colder. the winds are variable. from sutro tower you can see the first sign of the morning developing. the 12 hour day planner is 32 to 53 but it is so dry you will be hard pressed to seat the profit and at 60 at noon with low 60 to mid-60 at 4:00 and in the low-to-mid 50s by 7:00. i will have an upstate on the rain on friday and saturday in the forecast. >> with the trust like that, i don't know if the cars will
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start. >> hopefully you have frost covered seats. we look at the toll plaza the metering lights will be turned on. right now we are seeing heavy backups away from the maze. in san jose right now that is a look at 280 at highway san jose six or seven miles up north into cupertino with a brand new accident involving a motorcycle and that is affecting the commute. >> developing news now crews are continuing their repair work to fix a menlo park train crossing after being damned in -- damaged in a deadly crash. we have more on impact on the commute. matt? >> i talked with the supervisor for a timetable open repairs at the crossing and he has no timeline. you can see the workers are trying to get the crossing arms
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up. the good news we have seen the trains roll through including the first northbound train 10 minutes ago. this is video of yesterday's crash. a car was hit by a southbound express moving at 79 miles per hour. crews extricated the 30-year-old female driver and rushed her to stanford. she died at the hospital. reports indicate the gate crossing was working. >> when the light towns red and there is a lot of traffic cars back up across the tracks. what happened is one person stopped on the tracks. >> 400 passengers were on the train that made impact. the train suffered significant damage no one was injured. thousands of additional commuters had delays and caltrain resumes service through the area on a single track. another deadly caltrain accident happened in san francisco inside a tunnel near the 22nd street station after 9:00 last night.
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that person died on the scene. a spokesman said yesterday was exceptional in a very bad way. a spokesman e-mailed me and said they expect trains to be on time today with minimal delays. in antioch a nine-year-old boy air lifted to a hospital after a firecracker exploded in his hand happened at a home near redwood drive at 5:30 last night. three children, all under 13, were at home alone when the firecracker videoed -- exploded. the boy was plane to the hospital and is in "stable," condition. >> today is six months since the earthquake jolted people out of their beds in napa. many residents and business owners are cleaning up. the earthquake caused major damage to several buildings including historic structures in
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downtown napa. at 6:30, our reporter joins us from napa with a look at how people are recovering. >> also today, santa clara supervisors will get an earful at a public hearing on plans to buy a new cell phone tracking system. supporters say it could help cash criminals -- catch criminals. critics say it chips away at private u.s. >> it mimics a cell phone tower and tracks a person's phone and pin popes locations. the sheriff began looking into the tracker after the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl in 2012 vanishing on the way to school. police say the device will save lives by finding missing people and finding criminals. some critics are worried the damage would be abused and it would be used to monitor members of the community. officers will need a search warrant before using a a device
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until it is life-or-death situation. >> if the judge issue as warrant a particular phone it can capture all of the cell phone signals coming from other people's phones. that is of concern to me. >> it costs 500,000 dollars and would be paid for with homeland security grand but the deadline is approaching to use the money so the board of supervisors will vote on the proposal later today. thank you. it is 6:05. happening today, hillary clinton is in the bay area pushing for more respect face of women in executive roles. show will deliver the keynote address at the lead on water mark silicon valley conference for women that gathered executive women across the bay writer to push for innovation and human development and economic growth. the conference is under way at 8:30 at santa clara convention
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center. she will deliver her address at 1:00 o'clock. >> opening sames begin in the discrimination case involving a silicon valley venture capital firm. el were powell is suing the company for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. she claims she was subjected to harassment and discrimination after ending a brief affair with a colleague and claims she was forced out white house -- forced out because of discrimination. she is asking for $16 million. the firm denies wrong doing and said she was let go because of poor performance. she is now interim c.e.o. of reddit. >> oakland is looking to crackdown on racial bias at the government level according to our media partner, the city council will establish the department of race and equity this with review workings of city government including the police department to ensure miles an hours are not discriminate the against and receive their fair share of
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services. folks say the city government has disadvantaged some residents with regard to education and policing and employment opportunity. >> and the new of a new guide for city college through acredit days -- accreditation. >> students shouted down the doctor as he began to talk to the reporters. they are upset by cutbacks after the threat of closure because of financial problems. the trustee will return full control to the newly old located board in july. now a time for a check on the weather forecast. did the heat are click on? >> during the evening. before i went to bed. >> good morning everyone freezing cold temperatures are now starting to pop up where you
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live such as woodside at 32 degrees and palo alto is above it at 34 and menlo park is 35 and 38 in redwood city and foster city is 39. belmont is 45. and san carlos is 45. 41 in oakland and 40 in mountain view and san jose, and 32 in san ramon and 31 in napa and santa rosa, for our freezing spot. from our roof camera the lack of winds this morning that will lead us to sunshine, dry air, and temperatures warmer and feeling warmer this afternoon at 61 to 64 at the cost and around 64 to 68 degrees for the bay and inland neighborhood and light breeze across the golden gate bridge at five miles per hour and warmer through thursday, and cooler with a chance of showers on friday. more on that ahead. >> i have more information on the accident in cupertino northbound side of 280, at highway 85 is where a vehicle and a motorcycle were tangled up and we have more backup.
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the fire department is headed to the scene and you can see how slow it is approaching highway 85. possible injuries involved there. if you are traveling further behind this is near highway 17 at seven miles away traffic is still moving along without any problems but it is loading up and i would not be surprised to see traffic building as you make the commute away from highway 17 up to highway 85. a three car crash in livermore, westbound 580 we do have heavy backups away from highway 84 pushing to the dublin interchange that will clear up and as betake you up to highway 4 westbound side, a stall vehicle has one lane blocked with slowing coming from antioch governor brown is waking up to good news. and bad news. the mixed feelings people california experience. >> first stranded in a
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is tuesday morning. a look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. it is getting heavy. leyla gulen is checking traffic with an update ahead.
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>> new video of an american airlines jet that slid off a taxi way at dallas-ft. worth. it happened last night after the plane touched down after a flight from san antonio. the airline says the pilot was steering to the terminal and it hit ice. it slipped east -- off the pavement. five crew were on board and 63 passengers. no injuries. >> in florida 19 manatees were freed after being stuck in a storm drain. they worked through the my to save the mammals. here is the cry helping one of the animals. they used earth moving equipment to carry out the rescue and no word how they got in the pipe but it is possible the cold snap had something to do with it. >> they are covering into the canal for warmer water and i assume that is what happened with the manatees here. >> the fire department said they are all alive and have been returned to a lagoon after ten
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hour operation to get them out of the tight spot. new this morning, the world cup could be moved from the summer to the fall a task force is recommending that cup be moved from the summer date to avoid the extreme heat in qatar which will host the tournament. the temperatures there can exceed 113 degrees. the plan must be approve by the executive committee. alaska was one of the last states admitted to the union and now is the first state to make smoking a joint legal. voters approve the measure legalizing the marijuana today taking affect today. it is the third such state. smocking in public is illegal and you can face fines of $100. that forces organizers to call off a public celebration of the any law today. a member of president
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obama's cabinet is apologizing after claiming he served in the united states special forces. the veterans affair secretary was caught often camera telling a veteran in los angeles that he searched in the special he now admitted that his claim of serving in the special forces is "inaccurate." in a statement he apologized to anyone offended. new this morning, a just released poll finds governor brown is popular but the big projects are not popular. the poll shows 56 percent in california approve of his job performance but a majority also say he favors too many government projects the state cannot afford including a new high-speed rail system and new tunnels to divert water around the delta. a mockup is on display in sacramento, a bullet train
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arrived on the back of a truck at the capital and a crane slowly put it together. the german company says the mockup is complete with passenger seats a snack bar and driver's department. >> it will be a if -- good idea how the high-speed rail will look. >> we insist we try to buy as close to off the shelf as possible. we went a proven design something operating at least five years in high-speed rail environment. >> this is one of nine companies that has expressed interest in building california's bullet trains. the state will award the bid later this year or early next year. >> the oscars were not only the biggest night in hollywood but big knit for social -- night for social sharing. the most popular celebrities mentioned on instagram were lady gaga jennifer lopez, emma stone, eddie redmayne and
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julianne moore. >> and "birdman" dominated the conversation on instagram. you can follow that as they won of course, which was more chatter. we need to wear red rubber gloves to up our profiles. >> well...i am not >> are you saying that because i am wearing a red tie? >> no. >> it is not rubber. but you do have to rub on your neck to stay warp. >> let's do weather. we are coming up on 6:18. live doppler hd has bone dry air showing no sign of wet weather and we will go up to the gulf alaska where you can see the swirling mass of clouds coming our way with a chance of light showers and breezy conditions friday and saturday. physical then we are calm,
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clear, and cool even this san jose near the shark tank with the temperature outside almost as cold as the ice is inside. at walnut creek looking down 680 into a clear san ramon valley, no fog to speak of this morning, hardly any frost but temperatures are below freezing the air is that dry. in the afternoon hours, a quick turn around one of the days where temperatures jump around 25 to 35 degrees from the o low to the afternoon high because it will be calm sunny and dry air. it will be cool tonight but moisture will return so patchy fog is on the way and showers are possible on friday and saturday. now, the highs are warmest first, cloverdale, santa rosa, fairfield, morgan hill, palo alto 68, the cool of the along the coast at low-to-mid 60s at half moon bay at 64 for a warm spot along the coast. tonight, patchy fog along the coast at half moon bay at 46,
6:19 am
ten degrees warmer than this morning and patchy fog along the bay and we will have low-to-mid 40s bay and coast and low 40s inland. on thursday, we have not a lost moisture and not a solid shield of rain over us so it is scattered light showered friday and interest saturday and coming offer the ocean with a lost water and it does initially have just the tip of the river but that is it most of the moisture is away and it moves out quickly saturday into sunday. when you see the rainfall amount do not be surprised. we have a couple of areas running irdangerous -- irdangerous -- irrigation systems. >> it is breezy on friday and saturday and cool and low-to-mid 60s sunday and
6:20 am
monday. leyla? >> the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge. they are late. look how empty the lanes are. some are quit full but we have trickling of traffic moving through the toll plaza. and a new accident involving a pickup and a small vehicle so you move you can see the heavy backups. to get influence the maze and san francisco it will take 20 minutes. at cupertino this accident involving a motorcycle is blocking lanes northbound 280 at highway 85, you can see hype it, it is not causing significant lanes away from highway 17, 880, but do expect to see slow-going traffic and you have ten minutes from highway 17 to highway 85. >> who doesn't love free? coming up, you can score a sweet
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walnut creek at 680 traffic is getting heavy. you can see it is clear. mike was talking about how clear and cold it is. we will have the temperatures and leyla gulen will have the traffic. >> now a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning. coming up on "good morning america" another winter storm hitting the united states with snow and ice slamming the south and record low temperatures returning to the northeast.
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we are tracking all of it on "good morning america" next. doughnut lovers we have a reason to rejoice, krispy kreme is giving away free doughnuts one free original glaze the first 1,000 customers at participating stores which is most stores in the united states, not including grocery locations. no purchase required unless you want to buy a coffee. they are celebrating the opening of the 1,000th store in kansas city where people are lined up going home with a dozen free doughnuts. >> still have time to get which. >> from sports cars to vans and suvs if you are in the market for a new car there is no short am of choices. "consumer reports" panned -- partners with "7 on your side" to reveal the top cars of 2015. "consumer reports" is out
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with the 2015 list of topic cars. this area having this many american models since 1998 with the buick top sports sedan with stylish features for a feel of driving a high end european car. and the chevrolet impala is a topic large car with better handleing that most large cars. the best overall car is the american made tesla s but it is close to >> we pick because of safety, and government tests and we drive for thousands of miles and evaluate using 50 tests.
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topics are subaru the big winner at best compact car and the legacy is the topic for mid-sized sedan and subaru forrester is the small s.u.v. category. they are doing well. they are reliable and are racket california. -- practical. the honda odyssey for topic minivan and top luxury is the only european car on the list the audi which handles well is beautiful and gets decent economy for its size. >> "consumer reports" topics in green car category are the prius topic for the 2012th year in a row. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> a possible peanut allergy breakthrough? we will help you understand the
6:27 am
new hope for parents worried of the dangers for allergies. >> anything but a storybook ending for thousands of books in the east bay that are ending up in the trash. it has been six months since the napa earthquake. how is the recovery of the going? we will look at that next. >> our weather window showing a clear start and calm conditions but it is up to 17 degrees cooler. a warming trend is on the way with rain possible. in the traffic center, i am leyla gulen and the bay bridge is not moving nicely at 20 minutes from the maze into san francisco. i will tell you why just ahead.
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news. a look from the rooftop to a beautiful start to a tuesday morning. that golden hue when the sun is rising you hope the temperatures are rising. >> we are not getting that. >> then let's have the sun come up sooner. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco on the weather open february 24. the days are getting two minutes and 20 seconds longer each day. right now it is the cooler. the winds are light at six miles per hour and less. in the hills it is faster at 23 -miles-per-hour gust but that is the exception. we are going to be in the low 60s by noon and low-to-mid 60 at 6:00 and low-to-mid 50s at 7:00 and dry and calm today. the dry air will mean it is
6:31 am
going to be a hard time to get rain. but i have some in the forecast. leyla? >> traffic is heating up, a beautiful start to the morning, looking at all of the pictures it is lovely. a picture of the bay bridge in the westbound direction toward san francisco, see how stuck the traffic is, this is an accident with a pickup truck and we have slow traffic dissipating soon. >> thank you leyla it is now 6:31. this morning is a milestone six months since the napa valley earthquake that was the strongest in 25 years in the bay area. we are in amy hollyfield with how the region has bounced back. >> there is still a lost work to be done. a common theme in downtown with finance, and scaffolding
6:32 am
progress, but, still, a ways to go. old buildings suffered a lost damage and still need a lot of work, federal dollars have kicked in but repair work takes time. reporters for the napa register cannot use their old offices and they are criminalled into a -- they are crammed into a trailer. what happened six months ago changed this town and the people would live here. >> it was scary. it was. it made me appreciate life better. but thing are getting back to normal. but we hope we don't have anymore. it is taking a long-term to get things back together. i am thankful for all the help. >> a manager predicts it could be two years before the old buildings are looking normal. some business owners and
6:33 am
residents say this is the biggest challenge they have ever faced but they are determined to rebuild. thank you, new details in the newsroom on a story we brought you earlier police have identified a pedestrian fatally hit by a car in milpitas as 54-year-old march from gilroy. it happened at 10:00 last night on interstate 880 three was walking in the northbound lane to highway 237 and was hit by a silver infinity. the driver was from palo alto with a teen girl in the car. they were not hurt. >> crews are working to repair a rail crossing after a train hit a woman and killed her in menlo park struck by a southbound express yesterday afternoon. you can see the mangled vehicle. the train was going at 79 miles per hour at the time. the woman was rushed to
6:34 am
stanford. she did not survive. the child's car seat was in the back seat but not occupied. some commuters were delayed. caltrain said this will enminimal -- minimal delays. that was the first of two fatal actions involving caltrain, a man was in the tunnel and was killed dying at the scene. train service was delayed but moving after two hours. >> breaking news another train accident. this is a metro link train in ventura county some of trains are spread around like toys. and there is the wreckage of a truck. we have not confirmed that is what happened, but it looks to be a dump truck flipped upside down and the remnants of a fire,
6:35 am
perhaps, on part of a trailer. we do not know what happened or about injuries. >> we understand that a triage area has been set up. all we know the vehicle was on the tracks at the time of the collision but we do not have information on how many people may have been injured. i hear what sounds like the helicopter pilot, the voice of the pilot. can we listen to that? >> the red triage is likely those who are seriously injured and they have people giving the most help. we are getting a little bit of information as far as how many were injured and the time of injuries and we hope they are not too serious and we will be looking at car or the truck hit by the train. if that individual or individuals were not out of that would be hard to
6:36 am
believe they could is made it through that collision alive. >> this is scott rice with our sister station in los angeles and we will have more information as we look at the scene in ventura county of a metro link train that collided with a vehicle on the tracks and an area is set up but not sure how many are injured. >> we heard from scott of the color coating the of triage area. this was a green tarp for those would suffered minor injury yellow for those where more serious injuries and a red tarp for those who needed immediate treatment right there on the scene. >> we have information now that at least two trucks were on the tracks and they stopped this morning at 5:40 this morning near 5th in
6:37 am
trucks caught fire after crash. we do understand there are multiple casualties. there are two train cars derailing and ventura county firefighters on the scene assessing the situation. >> it is a frightening situation. we bring you more. >> public safety versus privacy with cell phone tracking proposal under consideration today in the south bay that some say goes too far. >> new this morning, "dancing with the stars" reveals the new big names ready to thank go and ready to tango. >> northbound 101 you can see the brake lights at the interchanges and just up ahead we have a report of a brushfire and that is causing smoke and trees to catch fire and certainly a spectacle for folks
6:38 am
as they drive open by and it could be the reason for the delay. i will health you snow how 9 commute is stacking up. stay tuned. you can get weather and traffic during the entire commercial break the stay (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru
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>> looking at peninsula it is clear, with no issues at sfo but getting to charlotte and atlanta there are arrival delays. tree pollen is high because of pine and cedar. we have a frost advisory in the central valley with temperatures below 32 degrees. and low-to-mid 60s in monterey. 68 in san diego. 74 to 77 if los angeles.
6:41 am
the person seven show -- the seven-day forecast shows 18 degrees in lake tahoe and we have a chance if this will advance, of snow friday and saturday. leyla? >> finally. a look at the roads with 360, traveling through san jose, this is northbound on 101 and we are pulling away from alum rock avenue headed to 880 interchange you can see how the traffic is stuck. it is not moving quickly. that is partly because of a possible brushfire that is there. the fire department is headed to the scene. dry brush and trees have caught on fire and a lot of smoke in the area. in the southbound direction traffic is light. on the maps i can show you what is happening in other parts of the bay area traveling to the north and the west northbound 280 at highway 85 an early motorcycle crash and that has cleared.
6:42 am
trading is underway on wall street and we will go to the nasdaq for for the >> you can stay in the know with abc7 looking right now at the metro link train hitting a vehicle in southern california with multiple casualties. we are following this with traffic and weather during the entire check out my breakfast!
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rc breaking news from the southern california area. this is a metro link rain that struck one and possibly two trucks on the track. there are multiple casualties. this happened between oxnard camrio. the trucks call fire.
6:45 am
we do not know the conditions of the drivers of the trucks but passengers are being triaged. there is a green tarp for those with minor injuries. moderate injuries under the yellow tarp. and the red tamp is for those who need immediate help. a lot of ambulances and emergency vehicles on the scene to figure out what happened, how many are hurt and how many emcould be -- how many people could be trapped. >> and oxnard police say four train cars have derailed and this is the ventura county line 102 crabbing -- crashing at 1:40 this morning, metro link 105 still run so southbound traffic is affected and shut down so drivers are asked to avoid the
6:46 am
area as they investigate the scene where two trucks were hit on the tracks in oxnard area by a metro train. >> many parents will find that children are less likely to develop an allergy to peanuts if again, they are expos peanuts as babies and were 80 percent less likely to develop the allergy by age five. the findings are a breakthrough. >> we made the world too clean for children. the idea that our children need to be exposed to things early in life so you are immune system tones down so when it sees it later it does not develop all the reactions. >> the doctor say babies were checked to make sure they did not already have a peanut allergy so parents are advised not to try it on their own.
6:47 am
>> jane king is at nasdaq with the money report. good morning, a mix the quiet start today. we have janet in 20 minutes and the nasdaq is unchanged. >> rebound is trying to protect people's retirement accounts holding advisors who handle i.r.a.s to a higher standard and must direct clients to the most beneficial investments rather than what brings in the highest fees. apple stock knows no top closing at another record high yesterday so that makes the company worth $775 billion and apple said they will invest $2 only on two european data centers one in ireland and one in continue mark to support
6:48 am
itunes. thank you. we take you back to breaking news in oxnard in southern california where a train hit a vehicle on the tracks this morning at 5:40 with new information from c.h.p. down there. they say there are two head injuries reported and an asthma attack so that is the first details we are hearing of the type of injuries for the triage. two head injuries and asthma attack and of course you know there are delays to service in the area and the trains are stopped and there is a shut down to the city streets. >> the train was headed southbound and hit two strucks one purse into flames and the triage area set up at least three our four cars derailed and well bring you more as details are available. right now, did you know time for the weather forecast. >> up to 17 degrees cooler with a lack of clouds and wind so
6:49 am
grab a heavier coat. look at the flag on pier nine. it is not moving. sunny. calmer. still dry. it will fell warmer than yesterday. cool. patchy fog returning. humidity tries to come back into the neighbor and showers are possible friday and saturday. we go low-to-mid 60s along the coast and half moon bay is the warm spot and richmond and san mateo is the cool spot and palo alto is warmest at 68 so a narrow margin compared to the microclimates in the 30's, again, maybe not freezing cold but upper 30's to low 40s inland and in the low-to-upper 40s and to the cost the fog is forming into the bay and inland east bay valley and jumping ahead to thursday, the storm is over the ocean but it does not grab a lot of hour and not a
6:50 am
single solid shield of precipitation coming our way scattered and random and saturday is the better chance of seeing widespread rain and snow will be in the mountains and why it is dry with the atmospheric river it never connects with this system and by saturday it is gone. looking at less than .1" rain. the seven-day forecast shows 70 by thursday and low-to-mid 60, breezy conditions on friday and saturday and dry by sunday. >> we are taking a look at our camera and grab the cup of piping hot coffee because it is going to be chilly and the drive is going to be long, north bound 101 at san jose traveling between the 280 and 680 split to the nimitz it is slow and go and beyond 880 travel should be fine and you can see we are coming up on not an accident but someone is trying to change the lanes. in the southbound direction everything is moving fine and open our maps i will show you
6:51 am
other areas of the bay area walnut creek southbound side of 680 away from the highway 4 the traffic is starting to snarl but now it is moving better than before with northbound traffic a breeze. fairly brisk on the northbound side of the golden gate bridge and agonallous start to the morning and southbound traffic is building at this hour. drive time traffic 580, westbound tracy to dublin is 45 minutes, westbound antioch to concord is 31 minutes and an early state of the union is clears and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. "dancing with the stars" fans, wait in more. it is time to reveal...the star-studded celebrity cast. patti labelle!
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>> and charlotte mckinney and come on out willow shield and two time champion mark ballas. rumor willis with her partner. saying hello to noa galoway >> suzanne somers. >> robert and kym johnson. let us know what you think of the cast. go to our abc facebook page. back with seven things to know before you go. first, we will keep weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break so you do not miss a thing looking at the metro
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> he are seven things to know before you go: breaking news if southern california, there are multiple casualties after a metrolink commuter train crashed into two trucks on the tracks. this is the after mat from our sister station's helicopter before 6:00 near oxnard in ventura county. four rail cars derailed. the train was on way south so los angeles. >> crews are finishing repairs
6:55 am
to a railroad cross arm after a fatal train accident in menlo park. investigators say a southbound express caltrain hit a car yesterday killing the 30-year-old woman inside. >> three that is a 20-minute drive across the water to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge with no crashes to report just very slow and heavy traffic and the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up again and now we are seeing a 20-25-minute delay from the maze to san francisco and this act involving three vehicles gumming up the commute on 580 with heavy backups from tracy. >> freezing cold at dublin/pleasanton at 32. and upper 30's around concord but low 40s around hayward and 38 at fremont and into san francisco it is 54 and our roof camera shows as you pans crew the sunrise we are warm this afternoon in the 60 and not breezy. >> five, santa clara county
6:56 am
supervisors will debate today whether to purchase a controversial new system that can track a person's cell phone. the sheriff wants the half million dollar system to track down criminals and find missing persons but some feel it will infringe on privacy. >> organizers with burning man are tracking down and canceling orders for 200 tickets after hackers cut to the front of behind and bought tickets yesterday. individual tickets if the of vent in the nevada desert sold out in under an hour. >> super sized victory in florida with rescuers freeing 19 manatees stuck in a a storm drain. it is possible the cold snap may have caused the mammals to seem warmer waters in the pipes. that is it for us. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. we will see you in 25 minutes.
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you'll love nature valley sweet and salty bars. good morning, america. breaking right now a commuter train colliding with a vehicle on the tracks near los angeles. cars turned on their side and the latest as we come on the air. >> happening now, crippling cold. more snow and ice from dallas to atlanta. cars and trucks pinballing off slick roads. this plane sliding off the runway. massive chunks of ice crashing on to cars and another arctic blast putting 12 states on alert sending temperatures plunging up to 30 degrees below normal. kidnapping mystery. the manhunt this morning for two suspects who took this bank executive and his mother hostage tying devices to them and threatening to blow them up if he didn't empty the vault. how he thwarted this bizarre plot. >> the battle in the ballroom is back. we are live


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